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Lock Re-Keying Services in Gresham, OR

You may find it necessary to re-key your house-locks or car-locks because of acts of vandalism, thefts or break-ins. Another reason that may necessitate re-keying is when you lose your keys. Below are the steps to follow when re-keying the locks on either your car or your house. This is What Lock Rekeying Is all about.

• Alarm Lock
• American Lock
• Arrow
• Assa Abloy
• Baldwin
• Best
• Brinks
• Chicago
• Codelocks
• Corbin Russwin
• Detex
• Dorma
• Door-o-Matic
• Defiant
• Emtek
• ESP Hudsonlock
• Exit Security
• Falcon
• Kaba Ilco
• Illinois lock
• Ingersoll Rand
• Interlock
• Ives
• Jackson
• Kwikset
• Master Lock
• Maxtech
• Medeco
• Mul-T-Lock
• Olympus Lock
• Pemco
• Pro-Lok
• Rixon
• RR Brinks
• Sargent
• CompX Security
• Segal
• Secura Key
• Securitron
• SimonsVoss
• Strattec
• Compx Timberline
• Trine
• Tuff Stuff
• US-1 Lock
• Von Duprin
• Weiser
• Weslock
• Yale

Full List of Lock Brands That We Re-Key:

  • Deadbolts
  • Disc Tumbler Locks
  • Window Locks
  • Car Door Locks
  • Cylinder Locks
  • Chest Locks
  • Gate Locks
  • Pool Gate Locks
  • Mailbox Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Drawer Locks
  • Desk Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks
  • Rim Locks

  • Re-keying a house lock


    Getting a re-keying kit

    rekey kitAlso known as pinning kits, re-keying kits can be found in most home centers, hardware stores and online

    - Kits for most lock brands are available. Most of these kits are equipped to do several locks but mostly work for locks of similar brands
    - Some kits have lock pins that remove lock cylinders
    - You can ask for more pins just in case you’ve got more locks for re-keying as compared to the number of pins in the kit


    Removing the exterior lock face or doorknob

    Door knobs must be held in place using a clip, a wire is then inserted inside the tiny hole. Your re-keying kit may need to have a wire to carry out this duty.


    Removing the lock cylinder

    Use the cylinder follower to push the cylinder through the assembly when removing the sleeve. Cover the sleeve and remove the cylinder


    Remove the retainer ring in the cylinder

    Use wrench-like removers when removing retaining rings from lock cylinders. Put the retainer rings at a place where you can easily find them when re-assembling the locks


    Removing the cylinder plug

Put in the keys for current locks into the cylinders and turn them to separate the lower and upper pins. Push plug followers through the cylinders and use constant pressure when removing the plugs


Removing old lower lock-pins

lock pins1Since lock-pins are bullet-shaped, remove the lock-pins with a tester that has a pointed end


Insert new lock-keys in the cylinders

This pushes the springs away serving as a partial guide to the new lock-pins


Insert new pin inside the lock

The new pins must be coded or color-coded numerically so that they can match the chart showing where the pin will fit in the lock. You may require small needle-nosed-pliers or tweezers to insert and grip the pins. The new pin must align with the keys when they are inserted in the lock

- If the pins aren’t coded, you may find trial and error useful when withdrawing and inserting the key to ensure that it fits the locks with the installed new pins

Reassembling the lock

Replace the retaining ring and the cylinder plug. After this, replace the cylinder at the lock face or door knob and re-attach it on the door. Test the lock that you have re-keyed to ensure that it unlocks and locks with the new key

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Re-keying car locks


removing car lockStep#1- Removing locks from the car

The exact method of removing the lock is dependent on the type of vehicle or the model of the lock

Step#2- Removing inner lock tumblers

Insert the key inside the lock tumbler by taking off the inner spring

Step#3- Replacing the pins

Arrange the new pins when re-keying several car locks

Step#4- Inserting the tumbler inside the lock and testing it

The lock should smoothly turn when locking and unlocking it while using a key

Step#5-Replacing the lock in the car

You can test the key again to confirm that it works

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