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Ignition Switch Services in Gresham, OR!

Is your car having trouble starting? Well, this could be a sign of malfunction of the ignition switch. This switch is a key component in vehicles because it provides power for the different electrical accessories, fuel and ignition system. Plus it directs current to the starter (which in turn cranks the engine) and serves as an anti- theft device. You will want to have it checked and the issue fixed as soon as possible. Here are common problems with ignition switch that every vehicle owner should look out for.

5 Common Issues With Vehicle Ignition Switches

  1. Ignition switch won’t turn

Ignition1A worn (or just a wrong) key can prevent the switch from turning. Consider trying a spare key to see if it works ─ usually if the new key works the problem is not a faulty ignition switch but a bad key , and you need to get a new copy . A locksmith can be able to make a new copy using a code from your owner’s manual. If this is not possible, the key cylinder in your vehicle’s ignition switch may have to be replaced. Where the ignition switch fails to turn in either direction, applying a non-conductive lubricant can help.

  1. Overheating switch

If your vehicle’s ignition switch feels overly hot when touched, it could be a symptom of a problem in the electrical system. The switch comes connected to multiple high-resistance wires and, sometimes, one or more terminals connecting the wires can overheat. Such a problem is serious as it can result to arcing of the terminals and in turn melting of the insulating base. In this case, your car will jerk violently and cannot start even with repeated efforts.

  1. Engine starts but suddenly dies

engine diesThis is one of the most common signs of a worn vehicle ignition switch. Like most other components, ignition switches tend to wear from regular use, although the problem can be made worse if you use heavy key rings that put a lot of stress on the switch. The electrical contacts inside it become worn/corroded, resulting in intermittent electrical contact. This causes a momentarily voltage loss either because of heat or vibration (such as when hitting a bump) and the engine will stumble or die.

Get Your Ignition Switch Repaired in Gresham, Oregon!

  1. Malfunctioning dashboard lights

Dashboard lights should normally illuminate as soon as the key is put in the ignition and turned to its first position. Note that, for older models, the lights for the oil, brakes and other functions may not light up when one turns the key to its first position. However, if these lights go off when your vehicle stalls, you should consider calling in an automotive locksmith immediately to look at your ignition switch.

  1. Trouble starting the engine

Won't startAnother big indicator of a problem with vehicle ignition switch is trouble starting the engine. If you find yourself having to turn the key repeatedly before the engine starts, chances are that the switch is faulty. And remember, you could drain your battery if you keep turning the key many times. Take action before the switch causes more serious problems for your automobile.

A faulty ignition switch not only causes inconveniences but can result to costly damage to other components of your vehicle. So, make sure to watch out for some of these common issues and call in an experienced locksmith as early as possible.

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